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Birthday Parties

This rolling party on wheels comes to you! 24 can play at once inside and outside with the Loggerhead Creations mobile game truck. We do all the work…you relax and your house stays clean. It’s St. Augustine’s best birthday party!

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Large Events

St. Augustine’s entertainment leader for large events like company picnics, fairs, festivals and fundraisers! Our Game Coach rotates players so that we can handle even large crowds. We’ve got games to suit all ages and tastes!

Go to School & Church Groups

School & Church Groups

Loggerhead Creations brings our mobile video game truck right to your location for school functions like prom and graduation, student rewards and more. Great for church groups, camps and other non-profit groups, too!

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Ready for St. Augustine's best Party?

Loggerhead Creations brings the video game fun right to you!

Our Game Coach runs the fun while you relax!

Parents know that finding the perfect birthday party idea in the St. Augustine area isn't easy. You've been to the bowling and pizza parties, go-kart or laser tag places, trampoline parties and endless others, only to share a loud and crowded space with hundreds of others.

Loggerhead Creations brings the most exciting party in St. Augustine and Northeast Florida right to you! Your own private luxury video game truck with 6 high-definition screens, Up to 24 can play at once!

The Loggerhead Mobile Game Party game truck is perfect for your birthday party, graduation or family reunion, block party, fair or festival, or any church or school function. We bring the excitement right to you!

High Tech? We Do That!

We've got the technology that video gamers demand!

Best Games

From MarioKart to Minecraft, we’ve got the most popular games in our ever-expanding library. Sports games like Madden Football and FIFA Soccer, combat games like Call of Duty, dance games like Just Dance, and so many more. We’ve got games for all age ranges and tastes!

Best Consoles

Our video game truck is equipped with six separate gaming stations. We’ve got multiple Playstation 4 units, multiple XBox One consoles, Nintendo Switch, and plenty of wireless controllers for the whole crowd! Feel free to bring a favorite game to the party!

Best Game Truck

With 6 separate gaming stations inside and out, the Loggerhead Creations mobile video game truck is the newest and most advanced in St. Augustine! With enhanced climate control, higher ceilings and stadium-style seating, your guests will play in total comfort!

Best Game Coach

Our professionally-trained Game Coach is always on board to run the fun while you relax. The Loggerhead Creations Game Coach tutors and instructs players, and ensures that the fun never ends during your party. The Game Coach learns your party needs and will make your event perfect!

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Covid-19(Coronavirus) Game Trailer Guidelines

Loggerhead Creations Mobile Game Party ask that all guest follow CDC guidelines.

The Game Coach will wear a mask at all times. 

The Game Trailer is cleaned before, during and after to ensure cleanliness. When Guest are finished with game controllers each are cleaned for the next player.

8 people are allowed inside the Game Trailer in order to maintain Social Distancing.

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